Add an SMS Text node to the dial-plan

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Add an SMS Text node to the dial-plan

Add an SMS Text node to the dial-plan

It would be great if there was a node available in the dial-plan editor to send a preformatted text message to the caller.  This has many use cases, such as in the auto-attendant for the caller to receive a text with the URL for an online order menu, a website, a location, etc...


I know we can do this using the HTTP Notify node.  But this requires integrating with a 3rd SMS provider.  Why go to a 3rd party provider when SMS is already built into GoTo

GoTo Manager
Status changed to: Accepted
New Member

Any idea when this might be implemented? This is a feature we would really like to have available soon.

GoTo Moderator

@MikeBBB it's coming soon, within the next few months. We will update the Community when it's available.