Notifications for channels

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Notifications for channels

Notifications for channels

Is there any way to turn these on? Notifications are all good for direct messages, text messages, calls - but nothing pops up for activity in channels. This often results in me glancing at the tray icon and seeing a huge number, and having to catch up after the fact. 


We can't figure out where this setting is - can anyone help? Thanks!

GoTo Moderator

Hi @Rrrryan welcome to the GoTo Community, 


I don't see an option for that, but I will check with the team to see if that option is available or on the roadmap.  It's a company day off today, so hope to have an update for you next week. Have a nice weekend. 

Active Contributor

Thanks Kate. Anything new?

GoTo Moderator

Hi  @Rrrryan, nice to see you again.  This doesn't appear to be currently available, but I let the team know and it's being considered. 


In the meantime, I've moved this to the GoTo Connect idea section where others can comment and vote on this idea. Thanks! 

New Member

Came here looking for the same solution.

We are in the process of deploying company phones into our warehouse and using the Channels to differentiate communications.

However, it won't work without the ability to notify specific teams. It seems the Channels feature for now is just more of a bulletin board.

Also, I can't figure out how to edit a channel name. Seems the only way is to delete the channel and start over?