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Many problem


Lots of problems with this new version:

- Inability to connect to the remote machine.
- Copy / Paste does not work in Hyper-V VMs.
- Machines that disappear.
- Machines viewed offline while they are on.
- Intenpestive disconnection.
- Link to the url via an excel file tells me that the Edge browser is not available.
- Inability to activate the default clipboard for all machines.
- Sorting in alphabetical order cannot be saved.


Can you make a working version please? I feel like I'm going back 5 years in functionality.

Thanks in advance.

Retired GoTo Contributor

Re: Many problem

Hi @Manu47 

Thanks for this feedback!


Are you strictly using GoToAssist V5 there, or is this behavior present in V4 at all? 


We are aware of some of the offline problems, and plan to fix this very soon. 


Connection problems we would need to flesh out with specific error messages given, as well as the browser in use and state of the unattended machine. 


Can you please elaborate how you are using the copy-paste functionality there, as we don't have full support for some virtual environments.  Relative to this, which 'clipboard' is activating, if not the default one? 


For the Excel links, have you doublechecked the default web browser there? 


Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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