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Is there currently no API for V5 yet? I just got integration into Freshdesk with GotoAssist, but it pulls V4.. seems like they didn't have info on V5

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Re: V5 API

@gregkun  I'm expecting the V5 API delivery later this year.  As soon as we hear a firm timeline we'll let the Community know the details.

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Re: V5 API

It's officially past "later this year".. any word? Right now there's zero way to remove more than one unattended device at a time from the portal thus forcing us to come up with our own method via API -- which doesn't exist. If your own **bleep** website had a select all shown and a delete button it'd be one thing but the API is still needed for scripts to auto remove devices during VDI clone destruction which happens on logoff for non-persistent pools and VMWare Horizons (among others) supports running scripts during this action. That would keep our environment clean given we use GoToAssist for our VDI, installation being done via MSI login script.