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New Contributor

Need help with installing after v5 mess

Hey there,

So I originally deployed the GoTo Assist Remote Support Unattended client through Group Policy which seemed to work ok at first.


However then machines would appear multiple times in the device list or would show users offline even though they were online, reinstalling the installer on every login and then duplicate devices. Needless to say it is very clunky.


I am going to revert back to v4 where it is a lot more stable. But now I need somehow to uninstall the v5 client from all the computers and then I can deploy v4 installer via GPO.


Finally with the unattended installer is there anyway to change the following settings:

  • Prevent users from blocking access
  • Prevent users from exiting the application which prevents remote connections
  • Display less options or hide the system tray icon completely from users
  • Not have it prompt users to accept when starting a new session

Can someone please assist as I am not very happy with our experience so far.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Need help with installing after v5 mess

We are working on these problems in GoToAssist V5 currently.  You can install V4 but don't uninstall V5 as they can coexist. Or you can move the V5 devices to a different device group.  I realize this may not save you any time, but wanted to mention it as an alternate process.