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Desktop and Mobile Application presence or awareness status

Have the Desktop and Mobile applications report presence  or awareness status


When the users are logged in on their desktop or mobile applications, report on the PBX that the "device" is online.  When the users are logged in on their desktop or mobile applications and are on the phone using their extension, report to the system their presence for accurate speeddial with presence identification.


As a business partner we deal with a number of different size clients and many clients that have softphone only extensions.   When setting up the softphone only users, the PBX defines a device for the user.

The issue comes up when:

1) the customer sees these extensions as offline/unavailable lines in the PBX

2) the physical phones or side cars that are setup with all users that have an extension on the system.  They are  defined as "SpeedDial with Presence"; however, because these are softphones, they do not report to the users when the individuals are actually available or when they are on their phones.