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Detailed call reports



We are desperately trying to get call reports to tell is how a caller is routed through our auto-attendant, who picks up in the call group and how long the caller has to wait before there is an answer. Has anyone figured out how to get this amount of detail?



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Re: Detailed call reports

Hi @Ian-541 welcome to the GoTo Community. 


There are a few things you can do and articles you can check out to get the information you are looking for.


While not structured as a formal report, this information provides insights into using auto attendant in a dial plan through the GoTo Admin.


To obtain details regarding call waiting times and identifying the respondent, you can turn to Activity Reports. These reports showcase pertinent data such as the phone number receiving the call and the call's start and answer times.


For a more comprehensive reporting experience, GoTo Connect Contact Center offers enhanced features on the Queue Caller dashboard. The Queue Call Summary, located at the bottom of the dashboard, provide a snapshot of key information. Clicking on any specific queue call opens the Conversation Review, offering precise details on call handling. Please note It's crucial to expand the yellow dial plan node to reveal the customer's journey within the IVR.

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