Default Co Organizer (delegate) setting

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Default Co Organizer (delegate) setting

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Default Co Organizer (delegate) setting

Please add this common feature from other conferencing systems to have a DEFAULT Co Organizer set in your SETTINGS for your GoToMeeting account.

1) Add Default Co Organizer in "Settings" page (e.g. a standing Delegate like my support administrator) - then every meeting I setup using the google plug in will also have this person as the co organizer.
2) Ability to add Co Organizer from the Google Calendar Plug In
3) Ability to set a meeting up that anyone invited can start the meeting and take control of the meeting (any invited is a "co organizer") - subject if they have a license automatically enable.

Reagan Lucas
New Member
After a brief look around the user/support sites, it appears plenty of others have a need for this feature/function.  Add me (and my company) to that group.  This seems like a simple tweak for the dev team, so why not add it to the feature set for the next GtM release?  As has been pointed out, other players offer this.
New Contributor
My organization 3rd this request - for the Outlook plugin.
Active Contributor

I love this! The biggest problem my organization runs into with GTM is when a scheduling conflict arises and the person who created the meeting cannot attend.


Usually, it's really simple things like their last meeting ran long or they got stuck in traffic. (Welcome to Miami!)


It would really improve our day-to-day use of GTM if meetings could be started and owned by co-organizers, and they could be automatically selected using Chrome plugins.

New Member

This feature is something we absolutely need. We work as a team, and if the person who created the meeting is late, the meeting won't start. I like the current option of setting a co-organizer, but it requires me to remember to do so and take the time. So, being able to set a default of a set of users would work ( i would default it to all of our licensed users - we have 4 Gotomeeting licensed users)

An ideal setting would be that any of those users who actually join a meeting could automatically be considered a co-organizer.

A problem with the co-organizer method is that if the co-organizer has another GTM they need to start on their own license, they cannot because GTM considers them to already have a session going, since they are co-organizer on the first session.


Another company requesting default co-organizer or what the competetion already has and is called Delegate.

GoTo Moderator

Great case use scenarios here, thanks.  We'll see what we can do about developing this feature in the future. 

GoTo Moderator
Status changed to: Reviewed by moderator