Issue Using Elgato Cam Link and DSLR

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Issue Using Elgato Cam Link and DSLR

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Issue Using Elgato Cam Link and DSLR

My Elgato Cam Link video will not initialize on my Windows 10 Machine GoToMeeting app (v10.14.0 b18962 hitting the server).  I have it linked to my DSLR and have no issues with,1)  the machine or, 2) alternative online meeting platforms recognizing the device.  G2M seems to recognize the audio from the Cam Link, but the video feed will not resolve.  Although other platforms, mainly Zoom, seems to accept higher resolution settings, my camera is set as low as 720p, 24fps and will not resolve.


Here's the kicker....


When I join G2M via browser as a attendee (, and ask G2M to use the Cam Link as my webcam, it recognizes the camera just fine, with no issues.   It seem that an attendee can have a better experience using their equipment than a client with a standalone app, or am I looking at this the wrong way?


On the surface it seems that the app development is behind the web, which I can somewhat understand. Is this a known issue?  Is this on the development roadmap?  

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We have this exact same issue, if you use Chromacam it will work via that, but there has been no fix for this on the app for almost a year now.

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Thanks for responding dharlow. 


It's hard to fathom why I have to jump through hoops to connect to one of the most popular devices sold in 2020, an Elgato Cam Link.


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Any thoughts on this, Ashley or Glenn?

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It would seem that the resolution of this hardware may not be currently compatible with GoTo webcam streaming.  720p should be functional, but any higher will be out of our range.

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Thanks for responding. What's odd is that the Cam Link streams just fine using It's only when I use the native app that I get issues.

I would use primarily, but it would be at the cost of some functionality if I do.