Please warn users when recording without audio enabled.

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Please warn users when recording without audio enabled.

Please warn users when recording without audio enabled.

Please warn users when recording without audio enabled.  There should be a pop-up warning when you start a recording without Audio enabled.  The app warns you that people won't be able to hear you, but it offers no warning about how audio-off will affect a recording.


In case you don't understand the relevance of this suggestion, consider my situation.  I set up a computer as the organizer because it had the software that we were going to go over.  I logged in from another computer, and the trainer logged in from his computer.  We were able to hear each other, but the "organizer" computer did not record any sound.  This went on for more than a day of training.  Because the recordings were in webm format, and my computer did not recognize that format, I was not able to even check the video quality until days later when I had a chance to look into how to convert the video to a format my computer recognized. 


As a service to your customers, please warn them if they are about to make a recording without audio.  You might feel that you have adequately warned them already, but RE-WARN them when they press the record button.  When someone presses record, that means that they want to KEEP what is about to happen in the meeting.  MEETINGS on your platform consist of VIDEO AND AUDIO.  If someone wants to leave the audio out, that's fine, but WARN THEM that this is what they are doing.  Also, please automatically save the videos in a format that are readily recognized and opened my most computers.  mp4 would have worked just fine for anyone.

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@ttaylor thanks for your feedback here and for sharing why this may occur. I moved the post to our idea section, we do review all ideas monthly and your story is a good case for why this should be added. Thanks. 

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