Provide a Whiteboard for collaboration

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Provide a Whiteboard for collaboration

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Provide a Whiteboard for collaboration

Provide a Whiteboard to allow Team collaboration, Q&A sessions with interviewees, etc.

GoTo Manager

Thanks @Linda_R , we plan to have an improved whiteboard experience with GoToMeeting in the near future. 

New Member

Hi ... I would need two functions ... The whiteboard and being able to show a video (not in sharing) ... Do I have this possibility in GoToMeeting? Or should I use GoToWebinar ?? 🤔

GoTo Manager

@Max50  We do not currently have a whiteboard sharing function available with GoTo software.  


To address your second point, you can currently play the video from your desktop and share that audio in GoToMeeting by following these instructions: 


If you'd prefer to pre-load the video for better streaming quality, then GoToWebinar does have this ability.  

GoTo Moderator
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