Unable to have full screen or hide meeting controls after the new GTM update

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Unable to have full screen or hide meeting controls after the new GTM update

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Unable to have full screen or hide meeting controls after the new GTM update

After the new Goto Meeting update, I am unable to have a full-screen view it does give me an option to zoom but then I lose the ability to fit the screen and I am also unable to hide the meeting controls at the bottom of the meeting and it is really annoying. earlier we were able to view the full screen or at least had the ability to hide meeting controls now after the update, it is impossible to do so. The GUI design is not at all intuitive.

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@aditya2  I understand where you're coming from with the zoom ability and that constant bar down the bottom.  Hiding the controls should occur naturally when you stop moving your mouse for several seconds. 


We are still fleshing out some enhancements that should allow for better visibility down the line.  Thanks for your patience. 

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I have the same problem. In the image I am sending I cannot put the full screen even though I am organizer and with another organizer in another notebook presenting in full screen.


How to solve this problem? Can someone help me?


Thank you

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since the latest update we have the same issue on external screen and laptop screen 

any fix updates ?



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did you get an update on this ?

i have the same problem with one user.



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Agreed.  Terrible.  I just made a similar post.  Idiocy to make a new version that eliminates the ability for the viewers to see my entire screen.  I do UI design in Tableau and PBI and now my clients can't see what I've designed for them unless they choose to view it at 53-55% or go Fn-F11 and then they still have lost the bottom 15%-20% of their screen with that stupid static grey box.  

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I have noticed this, as well.  When I make an attendee the presenter, I can see the zoom controls.  However, once they give me control, there are no longer screen controls and the screen reverts to a size that is often unreadable.  PLEASE HELP!!!

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Status changed to: Accepted

Flexible layout is available for organizers and will be available for attendees soon.