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Closed Captioning for GoTo

When does GoTo expect to integrate Closed Captioning into its system? I understand that 3rd party platforms are available, however that only serves to make participating more difficult for the hearing impaired. As my office, and others like it are pressed to have their meetings accessible to all, customers will be forced to choose the providers that are willing to do so. 

GoTo Manager

Re: Closed Captioning for GoTo

Hi @Jrhall21, welcome to the community.


We currently do not have an ETA that we can share on this.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Re: Closed Captioning for GoTo

I have users that attend regular monthly meetings and require interpreter services. Due to recent issues with on-screen viewing, they've requested closed captioning as an alternative option. I found this as the latest response to the Closed Captioning request and wanted to get an update as to when Closed Captioning might be available within your software. It's been about a year since your last update and I would like to see how much closer you are to implementing Close Captioning into your software. This would be VERY useful for my specific users.

Do you have an update for when this might be implemented?