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GoToMeeting Public Roadmap

Is there a public roadmap for GoToMeeting?

While we like GoToMeeting for a variety of reasons (including that it came with the phone system we use), the lack of improvements in the feature-set (or even fixing some long-standing issues) over the year is very concerning especially compared to the competition. More and more of my clients are refusing to use it for meetings due to issues with it, lack of features like background hiding on video calls, and others.

I mean even a feature for feature match to the drawing features in that I discussed with the team back on Oct 22, 2019 would be an indication of some progress, but over a year has gone by and we still do not even have that.

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Re: GoToMeeting Public Roadmap

Hi @dharlow


There are competitive and logistical reasons why we do not share what we are working on too early, so we do not have public roadmap as such, but we do try to let you know what is coming here in the community as soon as possible. If you review our What's New support article you can see what features and improvements have been released recently: 


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Re: GoToMeeting Public Roadmap



Your competitors share their road map, check out Zoom's which is on Trello

Also suggesting a third-party service for people to replace their background that requires a separate install and subscription to GoToMeeting to remove the watermark, thus not allowing all the participants to use it, is a poor solution. All your competitors have it built into the product free for all meeting participants now, GoToMeeting needs to match this to stay competitive. What you have seems like a complete afterthought. Also, it won't even run on any of my team's Macs saying they do not meet the system requirements, though I have no problems with any other platform and their background replacement.

I have been checking the What's New page continuously over the last few months and been really disappointed, with some changes such as "Muted Icon Now Gray" a step back in usability as many of my participants can no longer spot the unmute icon and can not figure out how to unmute themselves.

I can tell you overall I really feel I was just sold a bill of goods by your sales team, with some of the features that we were told would be coming over from never even appearing over the last year.