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How to disable "Verify your email" in GoToMeeting?

We have two GoToMeeting accounts that we share among a number of different employees in our office. One of the account doesn't do the "Verify your email" email when users login to it but the other account, which was recently setup does. Is there a way to disable that "Verify your email" process since I have users working remotely and they are trying to login to the GoToMeeting account to setup a meeting but they don't have access to the email to verify the address when they login from their remote computer for the first time.


I understand the purpose of the e-mail from a security perspective but it's making it challenging to utilize GoToMeeting for our remote users.

GoTo Manager

Re: How to disable "Verify your email" in GoToMeeting?

Hi Greg,

Once you verify a new device, the organizer should not be asked again.  There is currently no way to diasble this security feature. 

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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