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Re: Installing GoTo Add-In on Outlook 2016

@Winelover  You can try the followings to enable the Outlook Add Ins: 

  1. Sign into Office 365 with an admin account
  2. Navigate to Admin center
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Select Services
  5. Choose User owned Apps and Services


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Re: Installing GoTo Add-In on Outlook 2016

I do not have a "Get add-in" button on my toolbar in Outlook 2016.  I do have a "Store" button though.


Outlook MS Store.png


When I click on it and search for GoTo, I see the following.


Outlook Add-in Search.png


I click on GoTo for Outlook and click the Add button.  The screen shows that it has been installed.


Goto Add-in Installed.png


I click on "Get Started" and see the following window showing there should be a new GoTo button on the toolbar.


Get Started.png


I close the Store, but there is no button on the ribbon/toolbar.




If I open the Store back up and search for GoTo, the add-in shows the Install button again.


Please simply answer the question.  Can the GoTo add-in be installed on Outlook 2016 or does it require Office365?

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Re: Installing GoTo Add-In on Outlook 2016


I don't even have the goto app showing up in the add-on list for the store, so you're in a better position than mine.


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Re: Installing GoTo Add-In on Outlook 2016

Did that a couple of weeks ago and no change.  Could I have an updated plug-in but it still shows the old "orange flower" logo?  How do you tell what version you have?  I can go to the Add-Ins tab, choose the GoToMeeting drop-down, choose About and nothing happens.

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Re: Installing GoTo Add-In on Outlook 2016

@graham_farr  Lot of good it's doing me.  LOL.


@AshC  Not trying to further complicate things, but I logged into my account through Exchange OWA and checked the add-ins that were installed there.  It shows that I do have GoTo for Outlook installed.


Outlook OWA Add-in.png


When scheduling a new event for the calendar in OWA, I do see a GoTo for Outlook button.


OWA New Event.png


After clicking GoTo Integration, I get a side panel to log into my account.  Clicking Sign In opens another browser window to enter my username and password.  However, after entering the information, the new window show "Done" and the little circle in the grayed out Sign In box spins forever.  Closing the new login window with the "Done" message resets the Sign In button so I can click on it again.  Clicking on it again re-opens the browser window with the "Done" message, and the circle continues spinning.


GoTo Login.png

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Re: Installing GoTo Add-In on Outlook 2016

@Winelover  My understanding is that the "orange flower" logo button is for the Gotomeeting Outlook plugin (installed with an executable file) that is being discontinued.  The button for the GoTo for Outlook add-in (installed through the MS Store) should be a capital "G" with a yellow line under it, like below.


goto logo.png

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Re: Installing GoTo Add-In on Outlook 2016

Over two months and still no answer to if the new Goto Add-in will work on Outlook 2016.  Browsing the more recent messages, I did see the following information provided by another customer:


#Update - This comes from the Microsoft support site: 

Note: If you don’t see the Manage add-ins (or Manage Apps) button, you won’t be able to get add-ins for Outlook. To get them, you’ll need Office 2013 or Office 2016 and Exchange 2013 or Exchange 2016, and your administrator needs to activate add-ins for Outlook.


My company is using Office 2016 and on-premises Exchange 2016; however, the new Goto Add-in will still not work on Outlook 2016.  I've even tried installing the add-in directly through the Exchange server, set it to enabled by default for everyone, and it still will not show up in Outlook.


Add-in installed on Exchange server:


No Add-ins in Outlook:



I've looked at this on multiple computers, and none of them install or show the Goto Add-in for Outlook.


The only way I've been able to get any use out of the Goto Add-in was through the Outlook Web Interface.  I really don't want to have to tell my users that in order to use their new fancy Goto Add-in, they can't use Outlook and they will have to log into the Outlook Web Interface.


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Re: Installing GoTo Add-In on Outlook 2016

Another 3 months of no response here, so I reached out to GoTo tech support directly.  The tech I spoke with could not figure out the issue as well, and he ended up ending the call with the promise that his technical support team was working on the issue.   Over that day and the next, they asked the following questions:


1.  Confirm that I am using the same email address to log into the web Outlook interface and the account used by Outlook (I am).

2.  Do I have an Office 365 account?  (I do not currently).

3.  Provide a screenshot of when I am installing the add-in and then how it shows the add-in is not installed (I sent a link to this thread).

4.  Provide a screenshot of my toolbar with the Microsoft Store add-in icon (Again sent a link to this thread).

5.  Double-check the credentials are the same  for the add-in and Outlook (My credentials--and my users' credentials--do not match since we're required to change our computer password on a regular basis which is the same password used by Outlook/Exchange).


Three days later, I asked for an update and was told that to use the available add-in, it requires an Office 365 account due to changes made by Microsoft to the store.  I don't know when Microsoft made these changes to their add-in store, but since the add-in has never worked for me (or my users), it's likely been since before GoTo decided to switch from the plug-in to the add-in.  I don't know why no one at GoTo has been able to answer this until now.

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Re: Installing GoTo Add-In on Outlook 2016

This is essentially what we figured out as well and it's rather insane that nobody on GoTo's side was able to explain it until now. All they needed to say was "You need Microsoft 365 to use add-ins".