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Joining a GoTo Meeting from a mobile device

I just learned that if you are on mobile device. The invite link will not work. That's because the meeting invite is for desktop users and desktop browsers. I was told i need to copy and paste meeting ID into goto  meeting app to join. This is stupid and should be fixed. We have customers that aren't aware of this. It's a simple fix for now to just add on the invitation the following:


Desktop users: Click this link ......

Mobile users click this link and it should open the GoTo meeting app and join meeting. 


I click links all the time online and it opens amazon or the appropriate app. why is this so hard for goto meeting to do.


We are on our last straw. GoTo has gone downhill and we will likely switch to teams and Zoom. 

GoTo Manager

Re: GoTo Meeting Invite

Hi @Rbar,


If you open a GoToMeeting link on a mobile device two things can happen:

  1. If you already have our mobile app installed it will be opened and it will connect you to the meeting
  2. If you do not have our mobile app installed you will be directed to install it, you can then manually enter the meeting ID to join your first meeting or tap the meeting link in your email again  

If you are using the Classic GoToMeeting v10 you will be prompted to install the GoToMeeting App from your App Store. If you are using the new GoToMeeting experience you will be prompted to install the new GoTo App from your App Store. I have verified both behaviors with both versions of GoToMeeting and my Android phone.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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