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New GoToMeeting Website forces "web version" by default

Here's a new thing we discovered. A major update was made to the interface at recently. 


More info:

Our organization prefers organizers to often  use a single sign on launcher (Okta) to have folks go to that website and launch meetings or rooms from there as opposed to the app or using links in calendar invites. Some folks do use calendar invites, but launching from is very common. 


We are using the classic version of desktop app as the new app is too resource intensive and has issues with not allowing you to break out windows (cameras, etc..) that we prefer in older version.


In the past when launching a meeting from the website interface it would launch the desktop app. Now it opens a separate browser window with a preview of camera. If you continue it launches the "web" version of GTM. 

You must click "Switch to the Desktop App" at the bottom of the separate browser window to launch the app.

These updates/changes have already caused major confusion and use difficulties in our office today. 

Why is it preferred to launch the "web version" in this instance? Wouldn't launching the desktop app make more sense as the default?




GoTo Moderator

Re: New GoToMeeting Website forces "web version" by default

Hi @TC5998 nice to hear from you! There are a few questions/comments here so I'll address them one by one: 

  • There have been updates and improvements to the new app that should address some of your concerns, including efficiency mode and flexible view, which is currently available for organizers, and coming soon to attendees. 
  • The default to the web app avoids restrictions associated with downloading and installing the desktop app that some may experience. 
  • If you have the desktop app already installed the easiest way to join a meeting would be to enter the meeting ID directly into the app. 




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