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how to share my document to participants full screen -- but smaller for me

When I'm running a session, it's more important that participants see my shared screen (PDF document) than seeing each other or me.  However, I would like to see both participants and the shared screen.  When I have the shared screen visible on my computer, the panel showing my participants hides part of my shared PDF.   It's fine if the PDF I'm using is smaller for me while I'm seeing my participants, but if I make it smaller on my screen, am I also making it smaller for the participants?  I would like them to see my shared document full-screen, but I prefer that it not be full-screen on my computer.  Is this possible?     

GoTo Moderator

Re: how to share my document to participants full screen -- but smaller for me

Hi @dragan322 welcome to the GoTo Community.  Making the image smaller on your screen will not affect your attendees view. On the GoTo app your attendees have the option to minimize and maximize what you share through the controls on the right side of the image. Here is an attendee view of a shared item with the image at 75%.  



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