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Search for scheduled sessions

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Search for scheduled sessions

I create multiple GoTo Training sessions per day. How can I easily search on the sessions that I've created w/o having to go page by page?

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@lmaneman  I'm afraid this functionality is not developed yet.  We do plan on adding searchability, though I don't have an exact ETA yet. 

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Thank your for your response!


I have to question why there is not a search option as this is a basic, standard functionality within applications. I hope this enhancement is at the top of the priority list!


Another question…I have a list of 20 trainings per page and 16 pages of scheduled trainings. I need to search for a training but there is no search functionality. I have to scroll to the bottom of the page, click the drop down, and guestimate the page where the training is listed. Can page number drop down  also be added to the top of the page, so I don’t have to scroll to the bottom each time?


Also, the gray and burgundy color of the app is very pleasing to the eyes. The Schedule Similar Training is a great time saver! When selecting this option and moving to this page, it would be helpful if the page color or shade of color is different so I know, at a glance, that I am scheduling a similar training.


Thank you,


Lesa Maneman

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