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New Contributor

A few questions about GoToTraining Co-Organizers

My academic department will purchase the GoToTraining Pro account for a hybrid in-person/online workshop. I will be the Organizer, but I would also like to have instructors as Co-Organizers.

What I have in mind is a way for 2 instructors who attend the workshop in-person to assist groups of online students during the breakout activity.

1. How many Co-Organizers can I create with the Pro account?

2. As an Organizer, can I promote an instructor to Co-organizer while the training session is active?

3. After I have launched two breakout sessions, is it possible to assign a co-organizer to each one?

4. Can Co-organizers launch breakout sessions on their separate computers or is this feature limited to the Organizer?

Thank you for the replies
GoTo Moderator

To answer your questions here...
1.  If your Co-Organizers are all in-session staff members, then you may create 'external' organizer links for these people at no additional cost.

2.  You may also upgrade Attendees to Co-Organizer status, and/or hand over the entire training to them if you choose.

3.  It is possible to join separate Breakout sessions, but I would experiment during your trial period to make sure your group is fully comfortable with the supported browsers (Chrome mainly).

4.  Yes, each Co-Org may join from their own computers, but it's not possible to completely separate the training groups permanently, if that's your intention.

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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