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Audio Pin Blank

We had three calls scheduled for 8/5 and 8/6. When logging in as “Organizer” for our first call on Monday morning 8/5, in the dashboard the audio information was blank like so:

Conference line #:

Access Code #:

Audio PIN#:

This made it so that we could not control the audio of the other participants, and thus could not mute the attendees and unmute the presenter. In this instance I called tech support and the tech  took remote access of my machine and pushed the number through, though I am not sure exactly what she did from a process standpoint to resolve the issue. This call started almost 10 minutes late because of this challenge.


For the next webinar the afternoon of 8/5 the audio information was once again blank. I discovered that when I marked another attendee as “Presenter” a window popped up with my Audio Pin and the rest of the information populated in the dashboard. We had the same issue of the audio information being blank again on the morning of 8/6, but when I marked an attendee as “presenter” the audio information populated.


Another team within our organization had a call scheduled for 8/8. Using a different computer, the same issue with the audio access information being blank occurred. Again, once another attendee was marked as “presenter” the audio access information populated. This call was marked with an additional issue of the audio cutting out periodically. Initially we thought it was a problem with the phone being used; but the exact same issue persisted when phones were switched.


Has anyone else had these issues? Have you had luck resolving them? As an organization we disseminate a large amount of information via webinar and if this platform is not reliable we will need to find another solution.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Audio Pin Blank

Hi @IHostWebinars ,

Sorry for the confusion there when connecting to integrated audio.


Have you been able to confirm this same behavior when hosting from a different PC?

Is this definitely GoToTraining, and not GoToMeeting being launched?

New Contributor

Re: Audio Pin Blank

Yes. This has happened from three PCs in our office. It is GoToTraining, all scheduled ahead of time. 

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Audio Pin Blank

I'm unaware of any existing tickets around blank audio information being shown on the endpoint software.


Next, I would like to know the GoTo software version running on the problem PCs. 

And then if you could schedule a new test training to launch from the same location, see if the results vary.

If the results are the same, run one more test off-network, so that we may rule out any local connection difficulties.

New Contributor

Re: Audio Pin Blank

I just tried to run a test and the same issue happened. Please see the attached screen grab.


GoToMeeting Audio Pin Blank.PNG

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Audio Pin Blank

@IHostWebinars  If you're seeing the same issue off-network, then I would give our Customer Support group a call from one of the problem PCs to fully document the environment.