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New Contributor

Converted video shows no length

I converted recorded training video to MP4 using Gototraining converter.

I find that though the file shows size of 3,25,292 bytes; I do not see length information of video in Windows Explorer and file does not play in VLC Player. Need urgent suggestion to salvage the recording.

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LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Converted video shows no length


I'm sorry to hear about the local recording conversion issue there.


Could you say what operating system is in use?

Do you still have the original recording files, saved to your computer pre-conversion?

New Contributor

Re: Converted video shows no length

I am using windows 8 and have been regularly converting recorded videos to MP4.

When conversion finishes, g2m file is no longer available and instead mp4 file is available.

In this case too mp4 is available and carried size of around 325,000 KBs. But length of video shows blank in windows explorer.

Therefore, I cannot play file.

Any suggestion?




LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Converted video shows no length

Well the first priority is to make sure that your GoTo converter is working correctly.  Please host a new meeting, convert the recording thereafter, and playback to confirm this function is working.


Secondly, you should have an 'original' folder somewhere in your documents folder, created by GoToMeeting to house the pre-converted files.  If this original file is still there, then you may attempt to re-convert it.

New Contributor

Re: Converted video shows no length

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