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New Contributor

Custom branding a registration page

We just updated the branding on our accounts and can not seem to get the "register" button to change color from the default goto purple. Is there a way to change that color? Also, there are differences in the preview page and the live registration page colors. Is there a fix for that type of issue?
LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Custom branding a registration page

Hi Rob,
At this time GoToTraining does offer some color schemes available to customize, but certain buttons are tied to the color of the Training service its self for branding purposes of our own.

The Preview page is supposed to give you a general outline of what the actual registration page will look like, and will not include some custom texts or image placements.

New Contributor

Re: Custom branding a registration page

I understood only today that the color scheme of the registration page cannot be changed (eg. the "Register" button").


This could possibly conflict with the idea of branding itself, since the custom logo could clash with the default color scheme. For example, the purple GoToTraining logo is difficult to match with other colors, since it's far from neutral.


Since it's a single variable to make editable (an HTML color) and it impacts a very sensible part of the subscription process (the registration!) the feature of changing the default color would be a VERY nice to have.


Thank you for your time




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