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Amanda Bright
Active Contributor

Do students in breakouts have access to pointer, magnify & drawing tools to use as they have their discussion?

I am thinking about setting up some breakout sessions as part of some training where students would be discussing different things. Since everyone is virtual, I wanted to know if they had the pointer, drawing and magnify tools so they can point things out to each other as part of their discussion. Thanks.
Adrian Iglesias

Hi Amanda,

In breakout sessions, students have access to viewing what is shared and and the activities launched by the organizer.  They would not be able to have their own drawing tools or free mouse control otherwise.  More info on what the breakout sessions offer can be found here.

Amanda Bright
Active Contributor

So I think you are saying No? Let's say they were in a breakout session and looking at a powerpoint slide that they are discussing -- someone wants to point something out but there is no laser pointer, they can only use the cursor unless they flip into Presentation mode. I guess they could use Zoom in on View menu to magnify but it would be nice if they could use the drawing tools from GTT in their sessions.