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Error when editing GoToTraining with SDK for NET

My case

09143920 - GCS-9145

I'm working with SDK .NET for GoTraining.

Creating a training result success, but when i edit for example description throw error, i send mail to developer help and result:

The problem is that the timeZone is set to an invalid value:
"timeZone": "GMT-06:00"
You might want it to be:
"timeZone": "America/Mexico_City"


But the solution did not work, since it throws the following error:

Now I try to create the training and make another mistake


After several days and insist, no longer respond.

Help please....

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Error when editing GoToTraining with SDK for NET

@omarsanchez   Sorry for the delays.

  1.  We don't actually support API issues here in this Community
  2. We did respond to your case yesterday requresting an updated template.

Please respond to the Customer Support request via email to continue troubleshooting your API issue further.