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GoToTraining API: server to server

Hi everyone


I've read through the documentation of GoToTraining ( and noticed that all APIs are authorized using OAuth. As far as I understand, this means that the API is only usable when we redirect a user to the GoToTraining login page (he/she logs in and we receive a code which we use to get an access/refresh token).


The use case I'm currently working on wants to display the trainings of a user (based on his/her e-mailaddress). 

So the user logs in using Salesforce SSO and sees his/her next trainings. The e-mailaddresses in Salesforce are the same as the ones in GoToTraining.


What are my options here?

  • does GoToTraining have an API that works with an API key or something (so not via OAuth with access tokens for which the user needs to login on gogotraining)?
  • Is there a sync possible between Salesforce and GoToTraining? (I could then use the Salesforce API to get the necessary data)
  • any other?

Thank you in advance.


Kind regards,


GoTo Moderator

Re: GoToTraining API: server to server

Hi Yannick,

You are correct in that GoToTraining / SalesForce integrations do primarily use OAuth techniques, and unfortunately I have not heard of a solution to create a session queue of upcoming events within SFDC for individual users.

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Re: GoToTraining API: server to server

Hi AshC

That's unfortunate...

Thanks for the reply!

Kind regards,