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New Contributor

GoToTraining Product Manager

Does anybody in the community know who the Product Manager for GoToTraining is at Logmein? We have been a customer for about five years and want to learn more about GoToTraining development roadmap for the next 6, 12, 18 and 24 months. 


We also want to learn what bugs are being worked on.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. We asked technical support but they did not know who our account Rep was and supervisor  did not know the product manager. Thanks in advance for any help.

GoTo Contributor

HI Roger, I'm head of Product Management for GoToTraining and GoToWebinar. Thanks for reaching out and I apologize if you've had difficulty finding answers for your questions. We're currently working on updating our roadmap for the next 24 months, including as it pertains to the training use case, and as such I won't be able to share out specifics for a couple weeks, especially as a public company.


From a high level, we are still investing heavily in training-related features across the Goto suite of products. You might be surprised that we have customers who use other LogMeIn products for their training purposes, such as GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar. Due to this, we often look where we can make the biggest impact across the entire suite to positively impact the largest number of our users. GoToTraining offers a great deal of funtionality that we also plan to make available in other products.

Until I have more details that I can share on our plan for 2020, I'd love to understand your specific use case to see if we would be able to provide you what you need in the near-term with our existing product set. Additionally if you have been facing any roadblocks to success either through bugs or missing features it would be great to know that as well and I can look at our backlog.

Would you be willing to chat directly over the phone in the next week or so? If yes I will DM you to set up a conversation.

New Contributor

Hi Ryan

I would be delighted to talk.  We (jTask) have been delivering live-streaming instructor-led courses using GoToTraining for 4 to 5 years. Our courses are 6 hours in length, and we typically have 15 to 20 students in the class from all over the world. I probability can tell you most bugs in the functionality I use. We want to contribute to Goto Training, but we think you have abandoned it with all the corporate changes. One thing that is troubling us now is the quality of the audio GoToTraining compared with MS Teams, Zoom, etc. We HAVE to deliver crystal clear audio and music during training.   We feel that we have no visibility into Logmein's Gototraining future and what your plans are delivering an outstanding Product in 2020 to 22.

Please DM me so jTask can describe our Goto Training use case.   We look forward to talking.