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Basireddy Shara
New Contributor

Host Access to Attendee

Hi All.. I came across a small scenario which is bit tricky in GotoTraining . Coming to the scenario, Our organisation is having a GotoTraining license. we are managing with same license to conduct trainings daily whenever we are having free time. Consider a scenario where i am a trainer for one training and hosted training successfully. Now, from the same machine whenever i am trying to join for any other meeting as an attendee, GotoMeeting is giving me all the host privileges... How come we can overcome from this problem? 
GoTo Manager

Re: Host Access to Attendee


This is happening because you are signed into the organizer account in the GoToTraining software. If you are attending a GoToTraining session that is being hosted with the same account that you host sessions with, you will need to sign out through the software Preferences menu first.

Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Basireddy Shara
New Contributor

Re: Host Access to Attendee

Hi Glenn, I am glad to see that it's happening through the session that GoToTraining is maintaining. Now i would like to know, is it possible to close the existing session before creating a new session through GoToTraining api.