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New Contributor

How can a participant retake the test after the training has been completed if they don't pass the first time?

I have several users that didn't pass the test at the end of the training session. How can they retake the test after they have been coached on the issues they didn't understand?
Retired GoTo Contributor

Hi Jo, you are only able to load a test once per session, however you can load the same test multiple times from a template saved in your GoToTraining Library. This will allow attendees multiple attempts to take the test if needed.

New Contributor

This is a test that is sent in a link after the session is complete. Would I be able to have the system resend the link for an additional test if they didn't pass the first time?
Mary Phelps
New Contributor

Jo: I have the same situation and a work-around that I use is to set up a "fake" training session; link the test to the session; set the test to be viewed after registration and also during the session.  Then I schedule the session for a number of hours so that a trainee has the opportunity to retake the test when they have some time that day.  I do warn them that the link will expire that day.  Once they register a screen comes up right away with a link for the test.  I also include a link to review the training materials; that's optional of course.   Hope this helps.  Mary