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Eric Tinney
New Contributor

How do I stop the audience from seeing each other?

I am trying to find out if there is a way that I can see the Audience Webcams and they can see mine BUT each audience member only sees me. I need to have a training class for students who pay for a class but I need to be able to see them so I know they are actually there and not just logged in. I don't want the students to see each other. Class size is 20-25 people. I'm not sure the capacity of cameras either.
Adrian Iglesias

Hi Eric,

Unfortunately at this time, when a webcam is activated, everyone in the session would be able to see it and there is not a way to restrict it to certain parties.  There can only be 6 webcams active at a time regardless, so you would not be able to see your entire class size simultaneously.

Thank you,