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Lynn Thomas
New Contributor

How to display evaluation after the training ends?

How do you display the evaluation after the training ends? I selected that option when I created the evaluation. Is there supposed to be an Evaluation pane or a tab in the Polls and Tests pane? If I Exit/End Training, it simply closes out the training session.
Thank you!
Retired GoTo Contributor

Hi Lynn, if you have your evaluation set to launch after a training session, then once you end your training is when a separate page should load for attendees to take your survey. Is this not occurring for you on any training, or was it only one in particular?

Lynn Thomas
New Contributor

Thank you for your reply Michael. I tried again today and the eval worked just as you said it would. i think that because I was testing by myself and used my own name as a student, GoToTraining just saw me as the instructor only. Anyway, it''s working fine when I test with other users. Thank you!