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Shane Drosi
New Contributor

I am having trouble getting a good quality recording of my webcam in GoToTraining.

I am hosting a training that will be exclusively my webcam. My plan is for the training to be viewed at a later time, so it is important that the recording of my webcam is high-quality. My initial attempts are producing videos with glitchy sound and video. Are there any recommendations?
Brian H2
Retired GoTo Contributor

Hi Shane,

Thanks for posting in the community!

It may be helpful to check for any available updates to the sound and video card drivers on  your computer. The following article details how to check for updates with device manager: If there aren't any updates available in device manager then it would be ideal to check the computer manufacturer's website for any newer drivers. If you'd like assistance with this, please call Customer Care.

Additionally, if you are using a wireless internet connection, I'd recommend switching to a hardwired one for best performance.

Shane Drosi
New Contributor

I guess it would be helpful to also include that I am using a MacBook Air.
GoTo Moderator

Hi Shane,
Macs can easily check for updates through their Apple icon on the desktop.
Regarding the 'quality' of webcam feeds, I would probably want to test with a direct network connection if you are currently on WiFi.

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Shane Drosi
New Contributor

Thanks for the recommendations, guys. The wired connection seemed to significantly improve the quality.