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Issues with Wordpress plugin GoToWP and other issues

1. I need 6 people to share their cameras side by side. Is that possible?
I dont see that feature - see screenshot:
And honstly the look and feel of the software is outdated and not intutivie
The main presentor should start the session fast with 6 people that have cameras on - if he needs to invite each one and approve them to use camera that will take a long time - it needs to be easy.

2. I see there is a make panelist feature - what is that? Can that be automatic for the 6 pre-registered people? Does that allow showing the camera?

3. I see that there is an option CHnage Presenter - what I need is to have a discussion between 6 people and not switchin g presenter all the time - the mentor shares their screen but all others are seen in a video box and can talk.
The mentor can allow someone to share screen, presentation or file

4. Is there a way to share a power point on screen, draw on it, flip pages etc.?
I saw other software that allows that in a nice way like Big Blue Button, instaed of sharing the entire screen
I tested the full screen share - the resolution is really low, you cant read anything, and i dont need to show my widnows sidebar etc.

5. I need the webinar to be availiable only to these 6 pre-registered paying customers and only them can join

6. I need to be able to crate a set of 8 webinars for the same people same time every week

7. I need the users to be able to join the webinar from my wordpress site after they login to the site - can the plugin do that?

8. do you have the entire interface in Hebrew?

9. What is the difference between GotoWebiner and GoToTraining?
It seems like GoTOTaining would be a better fit for me
Does it also work with the wordpress plugins?
I read the difference here:

I asked for a trial but I never got one

To start, in terms of overall feature set, there really is a difference in the level of interaction between the two platforms.

GoToWebinar is like attending a conference where speakers engage with the audience in a one-to-many scenario. Interaction is essentially limited to polling and Q&A just like it would be at any large conference. If you want to deliver training using GoToWebinar, it’s conducive to presenting information in a more formal fashion, to large groups, and when you want to have formal guest speakers.

GoToTraining is like attending a workshop. Participants join unmuted by default, just like when people trickle into a training room and everyone can hear each other. Participants can interact using chat, testing, polling, draw tools, pre-course work, and webcam. GoToTraining is conducive to teaching both small groups and larger groups where higher interaction is key to your learning outcomes.

As I explained what I am looking to do with a mentor and 6 attendees - I think GoToTraining in a much better fit for me.

You said the special pricing is for a 2019 contract but you never sent me the login for GoToTraining - I asked for a demo online more the a week ago!

10. I did a test webinar and it only recoreded locally and not to teh cloud - I want to have all recording in the cloud and let only the participants see them or people that pay to see them - is that possible?

11. I need this chat functionality -
GoToTraining does not have Q&A, but includes the Chat function. An organizer can adjust chat permission levels so that participants can either chat freely (even with each other) or chat only with the organizer, or the organizer can turn the chat off completely

Does it also availiable for the participants after the webinar ended so they can ask questions when they see the recording and the organizer can answer them?

12. Does GoToTraining also have Certificate for the participants?

Can you please explain about this faeture of GoToTraining?
If you offer multiple customer training sessions, the Catalog feature enables you to create and publish one or more online course catalogs. Then when you set up a training, you can add it to a specific catalog and your online catalog is automatically updated to include the new training.

These can also be usueful in GoToTraining for my needs:
Testing is definitely an important feature if you are delivering any kind of compliance or continuing education training. Any tests you create can be saved to your GoToTraining Library for re-use. Make the test accessible before, during or after the training. You can also determine if participants are able to see their results after they take the test. One of the ways I use testing is to give the test both at the beginning and at the end of the training so that participants can see the improvements they’ve made.

One last feature I want to call out is the Timer. Unique to GoToTraining, use the timer to manage activities and breaks. When you turn on the timer, participants will see the timer in the GoToTraining viewer window and they can easily keep track of how much time is left.

15. Can the GoToTraining session start automatically without giving the organizer access to the backend? I dont want them to have access to the entire system

16. Does the recording of the class starts automicatlly in GoTOmeeting?
I dont want the presenter to be responsible for that each time
It also needs to go to the cloud automatically

17. I must test the wordpress plugin to see that it works well for my needs but it doesnt work on a trial - see screenshot:

I get this message:
Something's not working. It looks like the API call to GoToWebinar isn't succeeding. This may be because you are on a trial account. Unfortunately API calls can't be made to GoToWebinar accounts on a trial. If you do have a full GoToWebinar licence please try re-authenticating the plugin again by pressing the 'Click here to get Auth and Key' button in the plugin settings. You should also clear the cache or turn the cache off in the plugin settings and this should resolve the issue.

18. The GoTOWP plugin doesnt work and its the only one that says it supports GoToTraining - this do nothing - screenshot:
No way to authenticate with GoToWebinar

See the error here:

I get this:
{“error”:”OAuth API v1 has been decommissioned as announced in February 2018, please switch to OAuth API v2 documented here: Please reach out to Support ( with questions.”}

See also here - Citrix updated API and the plugin stopped working

19. More plugins dont work due to your API changes:
It seems like you ruined all of the advantage of WordPress integrations by changing your API



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Re: Issues with Wordpress plugin GoToWP and other issues

Hi @liorl,


1. Up to 6 attendees can share their webcam in GoToTraining, the organizer does not need to authorize it first. Both GoToTraining and GoToWebinar require attendees to register before they can join.

2. A Panelist is a GoToWebinar role

3. The organizer only needs to use the change presenter feature when they want someone else to share their screen.

4. GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, and GoToTraining allow the presenter to share their screen or a single application window.

5. Both GoToTraining and GoToWebinar allow manual approval of attendee registration.

6. Both GoToTraining and GoToWebinar support this.

7. This is not supported. You can link to the registration page but to join they will need to click on the unique link that is emailed to them after their registration is approved.

8. No.

9. You can sign up for a free trial of GoToTraining on the website. If you have already had a GoToWebinar free trial you will need to use a different email address.

10. Both GoToTraining and GoToWebinar support cloud recording and sharing those recordings via links you send out. Currently, charging for recordings is not supported 

11. Chat is only available during the session. The organizer can save a log of the chat.

12. Yes

13. Catalogs allow you to show what training sessions you offer so attendees can pick the ones they want to register for

15. No, the organizer must start the session.

16. Only GoToWebinar offers automatic recording at this time.

17. As I mentioned in my reply to your other post about our API, you will need to contact the developers of those WordPress plug-ins directly and ask that they update to our v2.0 API. We announced that v1.0 of our API was being discontinued months in advance.



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