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Online free training (prerecorded video+questions+chat)


here is my purpose and I am not sure if go to training is right for that:

I want to share a training with participants that I don't know in advance the names since the link will be shared by their superiors and I don't know the numbers too.
This online training will consists basically in a mp4 video to watch followed by validation questions (MCQ and short answer) then they will have to participate to a chat. this online training will be be accessible for up to 9 months and it could be 10 participants a months or 200.

Also I will need to extract the answers of the  questions for validation purpose.

This training will be Free for all users.

Could you tell me if go to training offers me all I need to publish my training?


GoTo Manager

Hi Amel,

All of this is possible with GoToTraining, the only challenge is what you are describing is an mix of live and on demand training. You can upload a recorded training with tests that anyone could register for at any time, however it would not have a live chat component unless you offered that separately:

You could also schedule a recurring training session and then share the prerecording: 

Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Hi Glenn,

Thank you so much for your answer! 
It does not have to be an live chat, I was more thinking about some kind of QA to discuss / ask questions about the topics on the prerecorded video.
So What you are saying is that I can create a training open to anyone who register no matter if it is 10 a month, 200 or 300. Which plan do you recommend me to use?

Retired GoTo Contributor

Hi Amel, our service is subscription-based, so you are not limited to a number of attendees per month, but you are limited per session depending on what tier of plan you choose. The current tier limits allow for up to 25, 50, or 200 attendees per session, so it would be up to you to decide on how many you'd like to allow for.

If you have enough time to hold multiple trainings, you can save money by having multiple sessions with a smaller number of attendees per session.

New Contributor

Hi Micheal,

Thaks for your answer!