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Polling Questions not Recorded on Browser version

According to Phone Support, attendees using the web version of Go To Training that respond to poll questions will not have their poll questions recorded on the backend by GoToTraining for reporting purposes. 


Because of this, I have had a training with 20+ attendees and a 75% response rate on the poll. The amount of recorded responses on the report generated by GoToTraining was 5, but should have been 15+. 


This seems like a huge oversight of the web version and not even the front line support rep knew this was a problem until about 45 minutes of back and forth with his support team. There is obvious input from the web version to Go To Training for reporting purposes and for the poll itself, is it that much harder to record the input?


What can be done so that I can get these responses? I would rather not use a "test" as this is a customer facing training and I am worried to turn off the web version as these are voluntary training webinars. 

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Polling Questions not Recorded on Browser version

I am sorry for the lack of documentation with Web App Attendees. 


The only workaround at this time is for web-attendees to upgrade to the desktop app where possible.  We will update this thread with new information as a resolution time is estimated.