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Posting Questions Prior to Class

For our course we want to post material, have students read it and then post further questions prior to the class.  This worked very well in the Google Meet set up.  Our company has decided to go to GotoTraining for my courses in 2021.  I am trying to find a way to allow students to post questions after they read the material and before the class starts.


I called the support line and they tell me this is not possible.  I would like to confirm:

1. That I now have to have students send me their questions via email for me to forward to the instructors.

2. How can I make a recommendation to have a channel for students to post questions to the instructors in order to enhance class discussions.


Thank you


GoTo Manager

Re: Posting Questions Prior to Class

Hi Nancy,

Welcome to the Community!


Regarding the availability of training materials, you can make them available before, during and after the session itself.  While you cannot separate different sets of training materials at this time (one set is used for any of the 3 periods), you could make a customized open ended registration question that students may use to make any additional queries.

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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