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Record Selectors when viewing My Recordings

We nearly filled all of our allocated space for recordings on GotoTraining.


I was going to review and delete old recordings but you can only veiw 20 records per page and it takes about 20-25 seconds to load up each page.


When your recordings go into the 1000s  it can take an absolute age to get to the oldest recordings and if it crashes for any reason you have to start the entire process again.


Can the record selectors have a 'Go to End' as well as scroll page per page?


Screenshot 2019-07-08 at 11.44.08.png

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LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Record Selectors when viewing My Recordings

Hi @Bullhorn Academ ,

Welcome to the Community.

I agree that the recording management functionality needs some improvements, and this is a great use case for our development team to review. 

Thanks for creating and documenting this idea!