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Megan Boucher
New Contributor

Restrict multiple people using the same "join" link.

When users register and I approve them for GoToTraining they receive a customized "Join" link that allows them to enter the training. However, if they share that "join" link with others, then multiple people are able to join under that one user's name. Is there a way to restrict this so the link can only be used for one person? This gap seems to undermine that benefit of approving individual registrations.
GoTo Manager

Re: Restrict multiple people using the same "join" link.

Hi Megan,

We do instruct attendees that their join link is specific to them and not to share it with anyone else, however technically it can be used 2 - 3 times. In the past we did not allow this but that caused issues for attendees that experienced any technical issues and needed to reconnect to a session or switch devices. This is why we now allow the join link to be used more than once.

My recommendation would be to let your attendees know that duplicate attendees will be dismissed, so they need to register as well.

Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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