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Katie Rudolph
New Contributor

Screen freezing

What is the organizer's best course of action if the screen freezes while running a goto training session, but the audio and chat are working fine?
GoTo Manager

Hi Katie,

The first thing you can do is stop sharing your screen for a moment and then start screen sharing again.

I take it that this happened to you recently? Could you provide some details about your system and what exactly happened? Do you use a PC or Mac? Did your computer freeze for you or did you just hear from your attendees that the screen was not updating?

Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Katie Rudolph
New Contributor

Hi Glen,

The trainer was using a Mac.  He did not know the screen had froze until after the training, but said audio and chat were still working just fine.  I received emails from multiple attendees that the screen froze but they could still hear, but the trainer did say the screen froze.   

It happened today, between 10:30-11:00am PT.
Katie Rudolph
New Contributor

He said it froze after running a question poll.
Active Contributor

The screen freezing after launching a poll has happened several times to multiple co-workers.   No button appears to close the poll.  The person must close GoToTraining and enter the meeting again.    It happens frequently enough that we assign a co-organizer so that the meeting will not end for everyone.