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Ivan Tiunov
New Contributor

Send recording to all attendees

Hello. Is it possible to resend follow-up e-mail to all registrants? Conversion of recording was finished later then follow-up was send. So no one of attendees has link to recording. Is there any way to send link to all of them? Thank you.
Jami Ochoa
Active Contributor

Re: Send recording to all attendees

Hello Ivan,

The Follow-up emails are queued up and sent at at the time frame you preselected e.g 1 hour, etc. Unfortunately, we are unable to resend those emails but you may go back into your past webinar and edit for another follow up to be sent out at another time that is still available to queue in our system. You may see a day or a week still available. Otherwise, manually sending your own follow up is the other option at this time.