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Share a read-only file



Is it possible to share a file in GoToTraining in order the attendees can open it only on view mode?


Let me elaborate, I'm a trainer for Automation products and during an instructor-led training, I share material to attendees that can keep them and I apply an exam about the automation products on the last day of the training, therefore, I don't want to share the exam file as a material. I'm wondering if there is a way to be shared the file without being copied, printed or downloaded by attendee.


Also, I don't want to share my screen showing the exam file because every attendee has his speed doing the tasks requested on the exam.

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Re: Share a read-only file

Hi Otto, 

While you can certainly make read-only files in programs like Acrobat and Excel, there's nothing stopping someone from using their print-screen command to capture the image themselves.  

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