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Thomas Shively
New Contributor

chat box

Can I download the chat box after I have closed the training. I would like to send this out to the people that attended but I can't seem to find it anywhere
Retired GoTo Contributor

Hello Thomas, we do not store anything on our end regarding the chat conversations that take place during sessions.  While live in the session, you have the option to save the chat log from the GoToTraining drop-down menu.  This has to be done prior to closing out of the session. 

I forgot to mention, if you hosted the session on a PC, then there is a preference that can be set to automatically save the chat log to your computer. For more information on that, please see:

Active Contributor

The link provided by the now retired LogMeIn contributer is no longer valid.

We discovered that our chats were being saved to our Documents  folder (this is a PC). 

We are not sure if this is automatic, or if this was something we set up a long time ago.

I am not finding this preference setting anywhere: a preference that can be set to automatically save the chat log to your computer.

GoTo Moderator

Hi @4js_trainers ,

If you're not seeing the GoTo preference for File save settings, under the General category (desktop software), do you have a screen shot that we could use to investigate?

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Active Contributor

Alright, I now see the Preferences area when I right-click on the GoToTraining icon in the system tray.

I had been launching the My Trainings interface in GoToTraining to get to the admin view, then clicking on the Settings tab, which had very limited options.