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list of post-session problems

Hello!  I ran my first full session yesterday, and have been hit this morning by a load of surprising stuff that I had not configured, thoguht I had configured around, is missing and/or is not as expected. So, this is a bit of a long post, but contains lots of comments and questions.

here goes

One –registration records

The report after the meeting include only those people that logged in to the live session, not people who paid/registered but did not attend.  Where is the record of these now-missing people?

Mine says 5 registered. This is incorrect, there were 6 registered. There were also a further 3 people who had registered but not paid.

I now seem to have lost information about the people who registered but did not pay, and the people who registered and paid but did not attend.

The list of registrations for completed sessions seems to have disappeared, so there is now no easy way to access the list of people who should be receiving all the materials from the course.  This is manageable for the numbers i have now, but if I was working with 100+ attendees, it would be a big problem.  and tbh, this is already wasting time from my day I had not anticipated.

Two – Files

The link to access the video and materials that is included in the follow-up email seems to be accessible by anyone, not just the person who registered for the course.  So, for example, one person could send this link round and hundreds of people could access it. 

Should it not go to a user landing page where they log in and see a list of all sessions they have registered for, the status of each, then access the files for each one there?

Why are some files on one place, the video in another?  Have I done something wrong?  Why are they all not in one page for the session under a user’s profile?

Three – Follow up emails

When someone accesses the video recording they receive an email that confirms they have registered for the course, and I also receive an email confirming the have registered.  The dates and times of the course do not exist (from the course yesterday, Monday 15th 6pm-8pm, I receive confirmation an attendee has registered for Mon, Jul 15, 2019 7:34 PM - 8:34 PM BST)

This is obviously really bad, looks very unprofessional and messy.

Four – Emails in general

The format and structure of this follow up email is very unwieldy, and poorly formatted, but there appears to be no way to edit the structure.

Is there a tab that shows all emails in the system that we can edit? So they are conveniently all within one place?  Would be helpful to have each template, html editable, with the action that triggers it.  All customiseable in one place. 

Some of the emails being sent I cannot find to edit, and the ones I can get to cannot be edited enough.

Final question – post-subscription access

When subscriptions expire, will people be able to access the files for the sessions? 

I must say, I am surprised at all these problems with the system.  I thought it would be much more sophisticated and elegant than it is.  also things like the Certificate, which is so strangely limited and unuseable.

seems like this platform is in very early Beta stages. not really what I would expect from something that costs so much to use.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: list of post-session problems

Hello @dnJournals ,

I apologize for any confusion with your GoToTraining reportings, and will try to address your concerns below.


  • You should have both Training Registration and Attendance reports, housing some overlapping information in each one.  The Attendee report should be accurate given a few minutes to compile post-training.
  • What you're describing in point number two, is more of a learning management system where users have their own login and course work or materials to complete or come back to later.  GoToTraining has some security and personalization when it comes to registration and approval, as well as the various registrant email notifications and recorded playback -- but not when it comes to accessing course materials if an attendee shares their given links.  Each GoToTraining session can have it's own documents or video links assigned to it, and for your own organizational purposes we suggest using Catalogs to groups different training registration options together.
  • Your third and fourth points are ones that could be improved, though we do not have any way to edit the messaging on post-broadcast recordings or email formatting currently.  Those with web developers at hand may however, utilize the GoToTraining APIs to set up their own registration pages and email communications.
  • If you are referencing your own GoToTraining account, then those materials will be unavailable to all once a subscription becomes lapsed.