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Henry Stewart
New Contributor

using a powerpoint presentation

Hi, am new to GotTo, used to Webex. I have a simple need, to upload my PowerPoint presentation, for use during the session.

The only way I can find to do this is through ShareScreen. Is that right? This seems to make it difficult to keep up the control panel, as that now appears in black on attendees screens

this seems very basic but have watched a couple of videos, lo0oked at notes and can't see any way to load up the slides

Rick Harris1
Active Contributor

Re: using a powerpoint presentation

You don't upload your slides.  You run PPT on your computer and share your screen.  I have two monitors and use the presenter mode of PPT and share the screen with the slides while I have the speaker notes on the other screen.  It works quite nicely.
GoTo Moderator

Re: using a powerpoint presentation

True story!  GoToMeeting simply shares what's on your screen to attendees.  You may also zoom into specific windows or applications etc.  Checkout this visual aid from our support site:


Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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