Report Data in Useable Format - Not "Printout" Formats?

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Report Data in Useable Format - Not "Printout" Formats?

Report Data in Useable Format - Not "Printout" Formats?

While the download of report data into Excel/CSV formats is somewhat useful, the data are presented as an electronic sheet of paper to make it easy to print out and look nice. Sadly, though, to use the data requires significant user intervention in copying, formulas, or other gymnastics. For example, the "Join Time-LeaveTime" column mashes together several data items (I suppose so a human can read it easily)-- {JoinTime #1} - {LeaveTime #1} ({Minutes #1}),{JoinTime #2} - {LeaveTime #2} ({Minutes #2}), ...


Exceedingly more helpful for those who wish to create analyses would, at a minimum, be to separate the data items into individual columns, so that we can at least use "unpivot" capabilities. Best would be to give us the option to get the data in a truer "data" format instead of "electronic paper" formats.


I recognize and appreciate that you're not likely getting a groundswell from your users, so I'll give you to the end of the week ;). But might as well add my request to the 2,534,872, 976 other one-off requests on your feature requests!

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@pcaskey  Thanks for your feedback around Attendee reporting.  I'm going to move this thread into the 'Ideas' section so others may view and comment upon it.


The multi-session attendee has  great information; however, some improvements can be made:

1. Eliminate all blank columns/rows - the blank row beneath the column headings is a nuisance as you have to delete to filter the info and there are blank columns serving no purpose

2. Is it really necessary to have a column for the title when the title of all sessions will be the same?

3. General info of each session should be in a row at the top - not a separate column. i.e. length of session, type.


This is start - the report is very useful though.