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2023-11-16 - Spammed by Users of GoToWebinar for Over 2 Years



Over 2 years ago I must have signed up for a GoToWebinar.  Since them I continue to receive Spam from users of GoToWebinar.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I have called GoToWebinar and talked to customer support numerous times.  They are telling me that  the email addresses that the spam is sent from  ARE NOT IN THE GoToWebinar database. 


Even though they use GoToWebinar's platform with GoToWebinar's  address and info is at the bottom  of their email some people are using my address to send me numerous GotoWebinar events. 


I just received 12 of their GoToWebinar emails in a 12 hour time period.  This is just one of the users of GoToWebinar.


My question is does Corporate GoToWebinar care about this issue?


Can't they look into creating stricter guidelines (removal and fines) to  prevent spammers from using GoToWebinar and  spamming others? 


And how can spammers send out GoToWebinar alerts if they are not found in GoToWebinar's database? 


Can corporate GoToWebinar prevent this by listening to spammers specific webinar and gathering their info and then preventing them from using the GoToWebinar software and even fining them for spam?


I have had this personal email for over 15 years and would like the spam to stop. 


Any help would be appreciated!


GoTo Manager

Re: 2023-11-16 - Spammed by Users of GoToWebinar for Over 2 Years

Hi @Bayrun2, welcome to the community.


Our support team is correct, these spammers have obtained your email address somehow (there are many ways to do this), and they are using it to registering you for webinars they have created as a way of spamming you through the registration confirmation and reminder emails. I know from looking at the communities of webinar platforms they are also dealing with this kind of abuse.


We have a number of ways that we try to identify these accounts early and terminate them, we also try to prevent them from creating new accounts, but it is difficult. You can use the Report Spam link at the bottom of our emails to report these accounts to us, also if you have a couple of the recent ones please forward them to gotoservice at logmein dot com and we will use them to identify the account and terminate it. 



Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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