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michael munson
New Contributor

ASL (webcam) and live captioning

We have often used Adobe Connect because of the ability to have a live captioner pod and an ASL streaming video connection while presenting a webinar.


We REALLY prefer the interface of GoToWebinar, though!


Is there any way that GoToWebinar can have an ASL interpreter visible during a webinar?

Is there any way attendees can view closed captioning (if we hire outside captioners)?


Any leads would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.



Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

Re: ASL (webcam) and live captioning

Describe your visual presentation.  Is it usually a PowerPoint presentation, an application or web browser, or a talking head via webcam?


You can always put your ASL interpreter on a webcam.  The Attendee can resize the screen to make the webcam larger or smaller on their computer.

New Contributor

Re: ASL (webcam) and live captioning

I agree - I would hope this is something that developers are focusing on.


We are running into wanting the closed captioning (live AND recorded after the fact) and the possibility for an ASL interpreter on webinars. At this time, at least closed captions are not available and this is hindering our ability to reach a larger audience.

Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

Re: ASL (webcam) and live captioning

In GoToWebinar you can always show an entire screen/display/monitor.  Thus you could show your PowerPoint slides in a window, have another window with your ALS interpreter, and another window with the live closed captioning.


Thus you could have the PowerPoint filling the top of the screen.  Have a Word doc or something else showing the scrolling captions in the bottom left of the screen.  And have your live camera in the bottom right of the screen.


PowerPoint in a window is easy. It shows the PowerPoint slides in a window rather than  full screen. Depending on your computer, in PowerPoint it is under Slide Show Setup, and then select "Browsed by and individual (window)"


For the live camera feed, on a Mac I open QuickTime Player and select New Movie Recording from the File menu.  This puts your webcam in a window that can be resized.  I assume there is a similar option on Windows.


When you put this all together on one screen, you then send it to the GoTo audience by sharing the whole screen.  One drawback on this is that the frame rate on the webcam is reduced to where the image looks a little jumpy.  It should be good enough for an ASL intepreter.


I do see an issue now that i have explained all this.  You need to click on the PowerPoint screen in order to advance the slides, then click back on Word or whatever the captioner is using. You will need to do this again every time you want to advance a slide.  You can't have mouse and keyboard control for both programs at the same time.


Try it out and see if this works for you.

Regular Contributor

Re: ASL (webcam) and live captioning

I have had interpreters. It was simple. Just invite them as panelists and have them show their webcams. Simple. Closed captioning?  I don't know if it is possible, but it is not built into GTW. Zoom has it.

Fran Simon
Engagement Strategies