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Add ability to manage attendees pins

We use this to do internal conference calls within our company.  We have 150+ on the call at a time, so GoToMeetings won't work for us.  We are having a lot of issues with our users calling in remotely and not being able to use their audio when we open thier mics.  The problem is with the audio pins.  They aren't assigned until they call, and we can't see them to give it to them when they call.  Most of the users are on the road, so trying to play with the app and drive doesn't work.  Can GoToWebinar assign a pin when the user registers and then include that in the email reminders with the phone number instead of assigning a new one when they call in and not having that published and easy to find.  This is really frustrating for our users and could be a deal breaker for our company

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Re: Add ability to manage attendees pins

@shayhoe  I apologize, due to the potential maximum registrant limit of GoToWebinar (20,000 per session), and for several security reasons, we cannot pre-assign PINs beforehand.  I would like to suggest however, if you know you have certain speakers / presenters that will be in attendance, you can add them to your Staff list as Panelists (up to 25 per webinar).  These 'Panelists' are then assigned a separate access code which allows them to manage their own muting controls without the need for a PIN.

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Re: Add ability to manage attendees pins

@shayhoe  If it makes it easier to manage, you may reconsider using GoToMeeting again--- now that we have increased it's maximum capacity to 250 attendee per session:


** The GoToMeeting functionality with GoToWebinar caps out at 25 per session, so the pricing refereneced is for individual GoToMeeting organizer seats.