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All our recorded webinars will no longer play

Starting  on May 14, our recordings in our video library are not able to be played by registrants. The share link for a recording goes to a black box and the play button does not work. It sits as 0:00. This is true for recordings we have uploaded and for recordings we left exactly as recorded by GoToWebinar (no editing). Even webinar recordings from the past that used to play from the shar link no longer play. I have tested the share link in Chrome and Firefox in Windows 10. Somethng clearly happened to the video player function in GTW.

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LogMeIn Contributor

Re: All our recorded webinars will no longer play

Hi Daniel,

I apologize for the difficulty.


I am unable to replicate this behavior with some of my own accounts here.

If you have tested those links on multiple networks, please call directly into support in order to escalate the problem to engineering.